Index of Persons


Standardised name formNr. of inscriptionsVariantsMentioned
Quarles, William (b) {male}    
Queck, Carl Christian (b) {male}    
Quehl, Georg {male}    lit. 
Quehl, Johann Friedrich (b) {male}    
Quenstedt, Johann Andreas (b) {male}    
Quentin, Johann Otto (t) {male}     
Quesnel D Alaigre (b) {male}    
Questel, Caspar (b) {male}    
Questenberg, Johann Adam von (b) {male}    
Quicke, John (b) {male}    
Quiersfeld, Dániel (bt) {male}  Quirsfeld, Dániel  
Quintilianus, Marcus Fabius {male}    114; 277; 4274; 4856; 5403; 5575; 5715; 5970; 8342; 9620; 12468 
Quirsfeld, Dániel   -> Quiersfeld, Dániel   
Quirsfeld, Gottfried (b) {male}    

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